Fund Thesis

Cultivatd Capital is actively raising a $100 million Fund.

Cultivatd – an indoor farming technology brokerage – has partnered with more than 40 of the world’s leading technology providers to help connect their innovative vertical farming systems with companies looking to grow food.

Cultivatd’s sales pipeline provides a steady flow of deals, and their experts provide key insight into market trends. This allows for preselection of compelling opportunities.

Cultivatd has established a deal pipeline with more than $500 million in projects. This figure will continue to increase in 2022 and beyond through our closed $3 million Series A investment.

Because of our ability to build a basket of niche investments, this fund offers more attractive risk-adjusted returns than prominent vertically-integrated players (Bowery, Plenty, etc.).


$500+ Million Deal Pipeline
$350 Million in CEA Investments
$200+ Million in Co-investing rights
$20 Million in Fodder System Projects
$20 Million in Venture Investments

cultivatd capital cea funding

CEA Funding

60% to 75% of Funds for Equity Investments

Equity funding for projects related to leafy greens, herbs, and new food products with a high profit margin. Funds are focused on making equity investments into projects with best-in-class technology and excellent market opportunities.

cultivatd capital venture funding

Venture Funding

5% to 10% of Funds

Funding for AgTech startups and Cultivatd technology partners’ expansion.

venture funding ip cultivatd capital

Venture Funding (IP)

Funding for IP development in the CEA industry, with proven companies looking to expand or where cost savings can be seen across the portfolio.

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